What is an ePub file?

The file format ePub is used for electronic books and publications. 

How to open an ePub file?

The ePub format can be read on a tablet, a mobile phone, various readers, or a computer. To read, you need a suitable program, such as iBooks (iOS), Google Books (Android), or Adobe Digital Editions (computers). 

You can display ePub files natively in Microsoft Edge if you use Windows 10.

Amazon Kindle doesn’t open ePub files.

Formatting ePub in reader

Like websites, ePub is designed for texts that wrap according to the user’s settings and screen size. Users can edit the size and type of font on mobile devices.

Unlike PDFs, ePub files cannot accurately load pages into a specific template. This is usually not a problem in literature, but for comics, for example, ePub is less suitable.


You can buy electronic books in several file formats. Unfortunately, not all file formats work on all different ebook readers.

The most commonly used formats are ePub and PDF. Support for both formats can be found on almost all devices.

However, it’s worth noting that Amazon Kindle devices, for example, don’t support the ePub format but instead have their own .azw format.

The Apple iPad tablet also has its own IBA file format, which is used in conjunction with the iBooks app, but it also supports the ePub format.

How do I convert an ePub file?

You can convert an ePub file on an online service or install a program on your computer for that purpose.


Calibre allows you to open and view eBooks and convert your ePub files to different formats, including the MOBI format that Kindle can open.


Online service for converting files.

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